FlameRobin 0.8.0

Source and binary packages for Windows (setup.exe and .zip) and Linux (gtk1 and gtk2 for Slackware) are available for download. Also, packages for Mac OS X, Debian/Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo and FreeBSD are either done, or on their way soon.

Focus of this release is the new Editable Grid feature and many bugfixes.

New features
- DataGrid: ability to edit (UPDATE) existing rows directly in the grid
- DataGrid: ability to add (INSERT) rows in the grid (with BLOB support)
- DataGrid: ability to remove (DELETE) one or multiple rows from the grid
- DataGrid: all features of editable grid work even for joins and complex queries
- DataGrid: data can now be exported as CSV values
- A basic Test Data Generator (please test, we need your feedback to improve it)
- Ability to create a selectable stored procedure for a table

Enhancements and Bug fixes
- DataGrid: Major improvement on memory consumption and speed
- DataGrid: Columns are named after aliases when available
- DataGrid: CHARACTER SET OCTETS columns shown as hexadecimal strings
- DataGrid: Proper display of DB_KEY columns
- DataGrid: New config option: automatically fetch all records (use with care)
- Property pages show database path instead of useless internal link info
- Property pages of system tables are now closed upon disconnecting
- Property pages now show owner for tables, views and procedures
- Fixed DDL extraction for usernames in GRANT statements
- Fixed DDL extraction for expression based indexes
- Fixed DDL extraction for multisegment indexes
- Fixed DDL extraction for external tables
- Fixed DDL extraction for computed columns (char and varchar size)
- Enabled drag&drop of files into backup, restore and database dialog
- Generator values can be reloaded now
- Basic 'edit domain' functionality via SQL
- SQL Editor: Enabled autocompletion for columns of system tables
- SQL Editor: Filename shown in dialog title
- SQL Editor: Files can be opened by drag&drop into editor window
- SQL Editor: Detailed query execution statistics
- SQL Editor: Improved startup speed
- Fixed DDL extraction for DEFAULTs
- Database size display now supports databases bigger than 2GB
- Database read-only status is now reported correctly
- Fixed charset conversion for ISO8859_x character sets
- Fixed charset conversion for UTF8 in ANSI build
- Fixed parsing bug that can hang the program at 100% CPU usage
- Fixed crash when Manage Users option is called from the Server menu
- Fixed crash when charset conversion fails
- Start arguments -u and -uh are now respected for fr_settings.conf as well
- UDFs that views depend on are now shown in Dependencies page
- Various minor bugfixes

Download at : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=124340
For known issues please see our bug tracker at: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=124340&atid=699234










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