FlameRobin 0.6.0

Windows (setup & zip), Linux (gtk1 & gtk2), Mac OS X and source packages are available for download. Enjoy.

New features

- DDL extraction for all object types
- Rebuild View option (drop and recreate dependent objects)
- Option to drop database

Enhancements and Bug fixes

- TCP port setting is not longer ignored when creating, backing up and
restoring databases
- New dialog for index creation.
- Field properties dialog can now be closed when no changes are made.
- Main tree control now behaves natively on all platforms.
- Progress dialog when connecting has ability to cancel
- Windows: FlameRobin doesn't destroy Clipboard contents when exiting
- Gtk2: Reduced font size for property pages.
- Gtk2: allow user to enter filename in dialogs.
- Other minor UI improvements.
- Faster disconnecting.
- Faster startup of SQL editor, statement history stored in separate files.
- Warn when copying data from the grid and not all rows have been fetched.
- If error happens while executing selection, the executed statement is
selected in SQL editor.
- Fixed problem with context menu and large selection in SQL Editor.
- Fixed hiding of SQL editor behind other windows.
- Data grid is now scrolled by rows
- Triggers can be added/dropped from table's "Triggers page".
- Take character set and collation into account when adding new columns.
- Configurable columns (default value, description) on table's property page.
- All UPDATE statements were treated as DDL. Fixed.
- Fixed bugs in statement parser.
- Preserve character sets when altering procedures.
- Added missing whitespace between AS and procedure source.
- Privileges are restored after ALTER VIEW.
- Property pages are now updated after ALTER INDEX and SET STATISTICS
- Custom charsets are now really used when connecting to database.
- Logging can now log SET TERM statements if desired.
- Logging now detects if target directory doesn't exist.
- Updated documentation about building FlameRobin.





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