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FlameRobin roadmap

Here you can see what we plan to do next, and not when it is going to be done. Here's the plan:

  1. Add better Blob support to data grid
  2. Add all minor features still missing and release 0.9.x, first BETA version with all 1.0 features implemented
  3. Testing, bugfixing, polishing, maybe translations
  4. Release 1.0.0, first stable release

Major features

All major features for version 1.0 are now completed.

Minor features

  • creation, recreation and dropping of databases, while the registration info remains
  • multiple tree views of DBH
  • duplicate (clone) registration info option for databases
  • ability to update BLOB values from files
  • DB Grid: field editors for specific datatypes (BLOB, ARRAY, DATE, ….)
  • improve drag&drop query building stuff
  • support for array datatype
  • various features from tracker

Features Done

  • Per-database preferences and config storage redesign
  • Quotable identifiers (not ignoring case)
  • DDL generator for each object type
  • User management
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • SQL Editor: calltips for UDFs
  • “create trigger” action for tables
  • manage table indexes
  • replace wxComboBox with wxChoice everywhere
  • connect as… (other user/role) option for databases
  • option to restore backup into a new database
  • add system tables to DBH
  • SQL Editor: history of sql commands with persistence after close/open.
  • UI to register for and log events
  • change statements history to use separate files for each entry
  • database property page (showing page size, buffer count, sweep interval,…)
  • storing encrypted passwords in config files (per database setting)
  • logging DDL changes to a database table
  • ability to insert BLOB values from files
  • editable data grid

Features that will come after 1.0

  • visual database comparison
  • running queries into separate threads
  • supplying parameters to SQL statements

Please feel free to add features you plan to implement.

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